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Catappult achieves record-breaking results

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Catappult, the leading alternative mobile gaming distribution and monetization platform, achieved remarkable success in May 2023, reinforcing its position as a trusted partner for game developers and publishers seeking global reach and effective distribution and monetization strategies.

With an impressive Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of $7.4 million and an Average Revenue Per Paying User (ARPPU) surpassing $240, Catappult’s record results continue to help make its partners go global fast in the mobile gaming industry.

Empowering developers with fast-growing global reach

At Catappult, we are committed to empowering developers by providing them with the tools and support needed to succeed in the global gaming landscape. The outstanding GMV and ARPPU figures we posted in May 2023 demonstrate our dedication to enabling developers to reach their full potential. With Catappult, developers can expand their reach and explore new opportunities in mobile game distribution and monetization.

Catappult's success naturally flows from our extensive network, which includes over 430 million users and partnerships with more than 20 alternative app stores, such as Aptoide, Xiaomi and OPPO. By connecting developers with this vast audience, Catappult opens doors to new revenue streams and untapped markets. We offer developers all the tools and support necessary to seamlessly distribute, promote and monetize their games on a global scale.

GamesHub in the US boosts Catappult’s unparalleled distribution and monetization capabilities

In the vital US market, Catappult, in collaboration with Digital Turbine, has launched GamesHub, a highly curated environment for premium app discovery. Integrated into Verizon’s and UScelullar’s platforms, GamesHub is specifically designed to drive recurring, long-lasting engagement among users, delivering a superior gaming experience and higher revenue generation.

As part of DT Hub, Digital Turbine's alternative mobile growth suite, GamesHub empowers mobile carriers to create an engaging, end-to-end store-like experience for their mobile gaming audiences. This innovative solution unlocks a scalable alternative growth opportunity for app developers seeking to engage US audiences.

With Catappult's distribution expertise and Digital Turbine's powerful growth suite, developers around the world can now tap into the vast potential of the US market.

Streamlined integration for enhanced developer experience

Of course, a big component of our secret sauce is the dramatically streamlined integration process. This is by design - because we understand the importance of a simple, frictionless integration for developers to focus on creating exceptional gaming experiences.

That’s why Catappult offers one of the easiest and quickest integration systems in the industry, allowing developers to bypass complex onboarding processes. With Catappult, developers can quickly start distributing, promoting and monetizing their games while leaving the distribution logistics to us.

Optimized monetization solutions

Catappult also provides comprehensive tools and support to maximize the monetization potential of developers' games. Our One-Step Payment (OSP) method and Catappult Native Android Billing SDK offer powerful monetization solutions that optimize revenue streams and deliver a smooth user experience.

Then, of course, with Catappult developers can enjoy a revenue share of up to 85%, surpassing industry standards from other big players and maximizing developers’ earnings while ensuring a hassle-free payment experience for users.

Join Catappult today

Are you a game developer or publisher seeking global reach and the freedom to distribute and monetize your games effectively? Catappult is the ideal partner for your success. Our industry-leading platform, extensive distribution network, streamlined integration process and optimized monetization solutions make us the preferred choice for developers worldwide. Join the Catappult community today and start boosting your success in the mobile gaming market.

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