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Evony: How Catappult helped a King Return to the Throne in 2023
Top Games’ Evony: The King’s Return is a textbook example of what we call The Catappult Effect.
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Clash of Kings: Reviving its Success
How could a game with over 230 million users and a history of success like Clash of Kings gain even greater popularity?
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How to Boost a Multimillion Dollar Revenue
How IGG’s Lords Mobile increased their user base and revenue with Catappult.
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The Infinite Possibilities of Magicraid on Catappult
If you want to know what Catappult can do for your game, look no further than DH Games’ Infinite Magicraid. Launched on Catappult in January of 2023, after its debut on Google Play in Q3 2022, Infinite Magicraid is already adding <b>40% more, each month, to the revenue from GP, where it is a Top 800 grossing title. </b>
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Catappult launches new plugin for developers to integrate their apps even faster
Catappult, the innovative distribution console, has launched a new feature for mobile game developers. The new plugin for Android Studio is designed to help developers even more quickly and efficiently start to manage and distribute their apps to multiple app stores worldwide, without time-consuming one-to-one integrations.
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Catappult and Faurecia-Aptoide launch the first apps distribution hub for cars in the world
App developers can now distribute their apps to millions of cars worldwide.