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The Infinite Possibilities of Magicraid on Catappult

magicraid on catappult

If you want to know what Catappult can do for your game, look no further than DH Games’ Infinite Magicraid. Launched on Catappult in January of 2023, after its debut on Google Play in Q3 2022, Infinite Magicraid is already adding 40% more, each month, to the revenue from GP, where it is a Top 800 grossing title.

On GP, following the launch peak, the game’s revenues stabilized and it was only after DH Games joined Catappult that the earnings for the publisher jumped again. By week 6, Infinite Magicraid was already adding close to those 40% extra in revenue to its previous take from GP.

This was also thanks to Catappult being able to provide the title with simultaneous promotions across all channels, instantly putting it even higher on the map of players’ attention. A strong promotion operation upon launch and in the following weeks guaranteed global awareness for the game.

Appearances as an Editor’s Choice and a Highlighted App on the homepage, an editorial article featured as Game of the Week and seen by more than 45K people, and of course the promotion at launch and immediately after by our extensive network of influencers, all worked as a Catappult turbo to the visibility of the game on key markets.

The result is that now, two months after launching on Catappult, Infinite Magicraid boasts an impressive ARPPU (or Average Revenue Per Paying User) of 450 USD, with the main markets conquered being the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada.

If you want from the global games market more than you have now with the usual suspects, Catappult is the partner for you.

Find out how to start growing your game’s business here: Catappult’s Easy Integrations.

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