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Catappult Announces Strong 2022 Results

strongs results 2022

A 20% increase in monthly revenue for developers and more than 100 million downloads confirm a landmark year

Catappult, the leading mobile game distribution and monetization platform, announced impressive results for the year 2022. Developers on Catappult achieved a 20% increase in monthly revenue, confirming the platform’s ability to drive significant growth for mobile game developers.

Additionally, the ARPPU of the top 5 games on Catappult – Lords Mobile, Mobile Legends, Clash of Kings, Z Day, and War and Magic – showed outstanding performance, with an average revenue of over 100 USD per paying user, an industry-leading number in the mobile gaming industry.

In terms of overall performance in 2022, Catappult achieved more than 100 million downloads and $60 million in sales.

“We are thrilled with the results Catappult has shown for 2022,” said Álvaro Pinto, COO of Catappult. “Our focus on providing the best possible tools and support for mobile game developers has clearly paid off, and we are excited to continue driving growth for our partners in the coming years.”

This focus will be supercharged in 2023 with the recently announced partnership between Catappult and Digital Turbine, a leading mobile platform that powers superior mobile consumer experiences and results for the world’s leading telcos, advertisers, and publishers.

This partnership will provide Catappult’s developers with access to Digital Turbine’s extensive end-to-end platform, which uniquely simplifies their partners’ ability to connect with more consumers, in more ways, across more devices, allowing developers and publishers to reach even more players and drive more growth for their mobile games.

The partnership with Digital Turbine is just one example of Catappult’s commitment to providing its developers with the best possible tools and support to drive growth and success. “We are committed to driving innovation and growth, and we look forward to continuing to work with the best developers and partners in the industry”, said Álvaro Pinto.

About Catappult:

With over 430 million users, Catappult is the leading mobile gaming distribution and monetization platform, connecting developers with more than 20 alternative app stores and providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed. Catappult is committed to driving the future of the mobile gaming industry, with a strong focus on user experience and innovation.

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