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Catappult launches new plugin for developers to integrate their apps even faster

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Catappult, the innovative distribution console, has launched a new feature for mobile game developers. The new plugin for Android Studio is designed to help developers even more quickly and efficiently start to manage and distribute their apps to multiple app stores worldwide, without time-consuming one-to-one integrations.

The plugin offers the possibility of integrating billing automatically in several steps, adding or replacing the existing code necessary to perform IAP via Catappult’s billing system.

This help tool offers a step-by-step guide presented directly within the developer’s development environment, Android Studio. The plugin avoids the need to switch between the documentation window and the developer code window, as all the help is offered directly in the development window.

There are two ways of integrating billing: via SDK or via OSP. The developer can choose the method they feel most comfortable with, and the plugin offers step-by-step help for both methods in apps developed using JAVA and Kotlin.

Meet the Unity Integration Plugin

To make the integration of OSP in Unity easier we also developed a new tool, the Unity Integration Plugin, that allows developers to add, remove and manage Product IDs, as well as to place a button in Canvas with the OSP system implemented.

Catappult is an essential partner for Android games and app developers who want to be free from gatekeepers and have the power to seek the best distribution, promotion, and monetization strategies for their products.

With this new feature, Catappult streamlines the integration process and helps developers get their games to market faster.

Get the latest version of the plugin here

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