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Catappult Strengthens Its Presence In China With Team Expansion

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“Our mission is to help app developers succeed in a highly competitive market”, says Ealing NG, Director of Business Development in China.

Catappult has expanded its team in China to focus on helping Chinese developers reach vast global audiences and increase revenue.

The growth of the Chinese team is part of Catappult’s commitment to providing game developers and publishers from around the world with the best distribution solutions.

Catappult’s team in China now includes Ealing NG, Director of Business Development in China, Daisy Zhang, and Linda Tang, both as Business Development Specialists.

With a joint experience of over 20 years in the gaming industry, the new team is confident about what Catappult can bring to Chinese developers.

“We are excited to continue expanding our presence in China better to serve our clients in such an important market,” says Ealing NG. “Our mission is to help app developers succeed in a highly competitive market, and we are confident we have all the necessary tools to do so.”

After having some of the biggest game titles integrate Catappult, such as IGG, Tencent, and many more, Catappult’s decision to expand in China was a natural one.

Álvaro Pinto, Catappult’s COO, details what are the expectations for 2023 and beyond:

“We already work with amazing developers from across the globe, some of which are from China. By expanding our team here, we will finally be able to meet the demand we’ve been having from such a powerful market. We are excited that our Chinese team has grown. We can’t wait to meet new developers and provide them with the right tools for them to reach their games’ full potential,” says Álvaro Pinto, Catappult’s COO.

On top of offering a differentiated revenue model where developers get between 75% and 85% of all earnings, what sets Catappult apart is the freedom of distribution it offers Android developers, allowing them to reach over 430 million users worldwide, along with the marketing efforts that are put into promoting games that integrate the gaming console.

Álvaro Pinto says that Catappult’s goal “has always been to solve key constraints that the app economy faced when it came to advertising, app monetization, and app approval”.

“By allowing developers to decide where they want their games to be distributed and how they want their games to be featured, we are giving the power to the person who most deserves it. We are proud to be pioneers in giving freedom of choice to gaming developers.”

Thus, Catappult is growing its ability to help developers grow their businesses. That’s us; always catappulting the mobile gaming market into the future.

​​These are Catappult’s new China Team contacts:

Director of Business Development

Ealing NG

Business Development Specialist

Daisy Zhang

Business Development Specialist

Linda Tang

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