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How Catappult helps developers grow their games business

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Find out how the simplest of solutions can propel your reach and your revenues ever higher

To succeed big, everyone needs partners. Good partners. Partners that help you grow – that help your business grow. That’s what Catappult is – the partner that helps developers grow the business around their games.

We do this by making life easier and fairer for everybody. By simplifying your games’ access to the world’s users and attention, and then giving you your fair share of your own revenue – your fair share of your game’s popularity.

So, yes, growth. Meaning bigger reach, stronger revenue, higher relevance in the app economy. This is what we do for games developers.

Succeeding with Catappult

Case in point: IGG’s Lords Mobile significantly grew their user base and revenue with Catappult, by more than seven million downloads, thus earning 24% more on top of the game’s Google Play revenues.

We’ll let the IGG team explain Catappult’s impact: “Lords Mobile is a success story for IGG and the Catappult team helped us to bring this great game to even more people across the globe and enhance our revenue”.

Case in point number two: Elex Tech’s Clash of Kings. Since integrating with Catappult, the popular war strategy game increased its monthly revenue by 15% and the downloads by close to 700% – all after joining our platform.

The Catappult solution

First of all, it’s always a challenge for developers to distribute, promote and monetize their creations – their products. Because of all sorts of well-known barriers to access, including dozens of different sets of rules and technologies, many developers and publishers are unable to fulfill their games’ potential to reach millions of users across multiple countries and markets.

Catappult is your solution to this problem – a one-stop shop for all Android developers. After joining Catappult, a process that involves a very – VERY – simple integration, you get access to a safe and secure platform that instantly allows you to manage and distribute your games to more than 20 top Android app stores worldwide reaching over 430 million of users.

All this without time-consuming one-on-one integrations – only with a single APK and a single account. Our OSP (One-Step Payment) tool really is the quickest and simplest of processes.

The Catappult fairer revenue split

If it was only this that Catappult provided you with, you’d already be on your way to expand your games-based business. But we do more: by joining Catappult, you get a much better revenue split than the standard 70% offered by the industry duopoly of Apple and Google. With us, developers receive up to 85% of all in-app purchases (IAPs).

And they can, in real time, collect payouts and withdraw funds via the AppCoins Wallet in the Catappult console. That is, no need for developers to have their own payment processing and SKU infrastructure. Our integrated payment processing takes care of that for you. And let’s not forget that our fraud protection is best-in-class. We have a dedicated team that works on multiple fraud systems for our main payment methods.

The Catappult promotion toolbox

Also, promotion. In a saturated app store world with an infinite number of products competing for attention, the best promotion strategy can change the game for – well, for your game. That’s why Catappult works with an international network of influencer partnerships focused on making your games stand out.

On top of this, by being able to offer you priority on search and editorial features, we can improve your games discoverability in our flagship partner app stores (among them Xiaomi, OPPO, Huawei, and of course Aptoide).

Plus, via the AppCoins Wallet, we use gamification, perks and promo codes to help you boost player engagement and user retention rates.

If you’re in the business of growing, Catappult is the partner for you.

Find out how to start growing your game’s business here: Catappult’s Easy Integrations.

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