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Why integrating with Catappult beats going just with Google Play

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Deep down, you know that the strongman gatekeepers’ rules such as Google Play are an obstacle to the development of your business, don’t you?

That being in an exclusive, binding relationship with them is very time-consuming, emotionally exhausting, and hurts your chances of growth.

And that a freer, open-source alternative like Catappult can make your life way – WAY – easier.

Yes, but – how exactly are we better?

In this article, we will show you exactly how much – in simplicity and, yes, in hard monetization too – you stand to gain from integrating with Catappult.

Your time and attention being valuable, and us being practical, action-oriented people, we’ll focus on the key points.

The four immediate advantages of Catappult

When you go with Catappult, comparing to Google Play, you get these immediate advantages over the yet non-Catappulted competition:

  • You get a quick and simple – in fact, one of the quickest and simplest out there – integration;
  • You get a very simple payment flow without compromising security;
  • You get useful and intuitive widgets to validate different steps along the integration;
  • Plus you get support for a ton of local payment methods.

So you want to make money…

Regarding integration, and assuming you, like us, want to earn money from your work and products – ie, assuming you want to monetize in some form your app or game -, let us point you towards the Catappult integration that developers can make with our One-Step Payment.

This is the quickest and simplest of processes. It goes like this:

  • The end user wants to buy a product on your application.
  • Your application then launches the One-Step Payment (OSP) billing flow by calling your OSP URL as an Intent.
  • AppCoins Wallet reads your OSP URL Intent, handles the payment, and on completion calls your web service endpoint.
  • Your web service validates the transaction data.
  • Your give the product to the end-user.

And 6 🙂 – everyone is happy.

Many of the big games use this integration solution. It is also the solution the Aptoide app store currently recommends.

The other solution: Billing SDK

Of course, with Catappult, you can do your integration with Billing SDK too. It’s a process similar to the Google Play integration, so needless to say it turns out to be more complex than our One-Step Payment.

We have the Billing SDK to provide you with an extra solution – but we do suggest you go with the One-Step Payment method, which is simply easier and better.

More benefits to developers and to users

Besides, the integration with our billing is the superior solution for both you as a games developer and the end user.

It brings benefits to the end user because he is always guaranteed, by Catapput, at least 10% return value on any purchase.

And this percentage effortlessly rises to 15-20% or more with everything that is available to the user, such as promo codes if they come from influencers, perks that the game developer himself can give, and the progression of the gamification.

All together, users can benefit from bonuses of 30% or more on their purchases.

This makes the user want to continue shopping in the game because he knows that he is paying less for the same items that he would pay if the integration of the same game came from other stores.

Higher return margins for developers

From the developer’s side, Catapult’s One-Step Payment billing solution brings you benefits because the return margins for the developer are higher and the bonuses we provide encourage your game users to make more purchases without the developer having to lose money with it.

This way, in addition to the already higher margins, part of the remaining slice may be used to give back to the user and encourage them to buy more in the game.

The easy integration widget

The easy integration, as we said, is facilitated along the whole process by widgets that immediately validade the different integration steps.

You can check the widget that is on our easy integrations page here:

Since this isn’t static, the developer can change the data and the code accordingly changes the entry placed there.

Also, Catappult provides an One-Step Payment URL validator which can be used during the submission process of an app or game.

The developer puts in the appropriate field the OSP URL and the validator instantly says if it is right or if there is any error. And if there is an error it tells you what the error is.

Now just add payments global and local

On top of everything, always remember that you’ll profit from Catappult’s billing solution having support from most local payment methods around the world – we talking about Codapay and many others – as well as PayPal and of course bank cards.

Quick, simple, better.

This is why Catappult is vaulting your game into a less stressful, less complicated, more successful, more profitable future, way above what you’d achieve using only Google Play.

Find out how to start making your life easier here: Catappult: Easy Integrations

To learn more about Catappult check out our website. We always have new content coming up on our blog and social media channels. More case studies coming soon, stay posted.

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