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How to Boost a Multimillion Dollar Revenue

lords mobile on catappult

Lords Mobile is a real time strategy game developed and published by IGG. With over 284M global players, Lords Mobile won Google Play's Most Competitive Games, and an Android Excellence Game. For a major hit game with tens of millions of US dollars of monthly revenue, the big question is, how can this success be amplified?

Over 7 Million in total Downloads

since integrating with Catappult

lords mobile on catappult 2

A Global Success Gets Even Bigger

Enter Catappult. For a game that is making tens of millions of US dollars on a monthly basis it’s always a challenge to boost revenues. Catappult and the AppCoins billing solution makes it very easy to start monetisation across multiple stores, with a single integration and one single stop shop to manage multiple channels and aggregate revenues in a single wallet. The result was dramatic, starting with an increase in sales by 24%! and ~240K extra in monthly transactions! Over to the IGG Team: “Lords Mobile is a success story for IGG and Catappult team helped us to bring this great game to even more people across the globe and enhance our revenues”.

lords mobile on catappult 3

Increase in quality players without compromising Google Play revenue and downloads

One of the major concerns for top grossing developers is seeing quality users diverted from Google Play to other channels, which would result in a zero sum benefit for the developer. From our experience at Catappult, the distribution across alternative stores is bringing new and quality players to the games on the platform. And this has been proven with Lords Mobile.

lords mobile 4

If you want more from the global games market than the usual distribution suspects can give you, Catappult is the partner for you. Find out how to start growing your game’s business here: Catappult's Easy Integrations.

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