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How to make a mobile game succeed with Catappult

mobile game succeed

If you’re wondering how to make a mobile game succeed, you’re exactly where you should be. Find why.

In life, you are very much the quality of your relationships. If you want to do great things, you cannot do them alone. You cannot whistle a symphony – you need an orchestra. Sometimes you need an outstanding partnership of creative people with the same vision.

Catappult’s vision is to be the partner that makes life better for developers and game companies. That provides the one thing nobody can buy more of – time – by radically simplifying your games’ access to the world’s users and attention.

And then providing you with your fair share of your revenue – your fair share of your game’s popularity.

Indeed, our mission is to shape the app economy’s future by creating unprecedented value for developers and users around the world.

And it’s working.

Catappult your apps and games

Just look at what Ilhami Savas Okur, the creator of Brain Card Game and Brain Game, wrote:

“I have been registered with Catappult for over two years. The integration of my games was very easy. The number of downloads of my games has increased. Congratulations on your success”.

Thank you, Ilhami.

Or from MasterBitExpres Bitcoin Wallet, who wrote us recently:

“Thank you for being such an important and competent platform. Catappult has been part of our path by providing valuable means of growing and of being known. It is important to recognize We will keep counting on your platform to grow”.

Growth. Growth of reach, revenue, impact, and relevance in the app economy. This is what Catappult can do for developers and game companies.

Want more details? Let’s dive in.

What is Catappult?

Developers often struggle to distribute and monetize their apps and games, and many use one single channel to do so, leaving behind the potential to reach billions of users in different countries and markets.

As the world’s first Blockchain app distribution console, Catappult was created with an ambitious goal in mind: to become a one-stop shop for all Android developers.

Definitely, when joining Catappult, developers get access to a safe and secure platform. This platform allows to manage and distribute their apps to multiple app stores worldwide. But without time-consuming one-on-one integrations.

When was Catappult created?

It all started in 2017 when Aptoide – the app store that released the AppCoins Protocol – created Blockchain Distribution Services (BDS). The platform soon became the backbone for decentralized transactions and connected developers with multiple app stores and millions of users.

However, BDS’ focus relied mostly on the distribution of apps. We then realized that developers wanted more. The new goals targeted helping with the promotion process of their apps. So the product was rebranded as Catappult at the end of 2018.

Since then, Catappult has changed the app industry. We became a platform that’s aligned with the interests of developers, app stores, and users.

Why migrate to Catappult?

It’s often difficult for developers to engage with various channels and app stores around the world, due to the different rules and technologies of each. We knew developers needed an alternative way to enter different markets and reach more diverse economic profiles. All of which are now possible with Catappult.

Indeed, by migrating to Catappult, developers can reach hundreds of millions of users in top Android app stores. Only with a single APK and a single account.

The perks Catappult has to offer

Revenue share

Developers receive up to 85% of all in-app purchases (IAPs). Furthermore, they can withdraw funds via their wallet section in the Catappult console.


Nonetheless, the challenge goes beyond the revenue share. Within an app store world full of apps and games no one knows about, the right promotion strategy can change the game for the better. That’s why we work with a comprehensive team of influencers committed to boost your creation through their own channels. But that’s not all. We’ve also developed a structure to ensure your game stands out from the crowd. We can offer you priority on search and editorial featuring. Meaning that you get higher visibility in the app stores (such as Xiaomi and Aptoide) where it’s distributed. The output? More users and more in-app purchases.

Minimal effort

One APK, multiple stores, and a single wallet. Allowing developers to build one single APK to distribute in multiple channels and collect the payouts in a single AppCoins Wallet.

Integrated payment processing

There is no need for developers to have their own payment processing and SKU infrastructure. We take care of that. Therefore, users can verify every payment whenever they want.

Acquisition channels

All acquisition channel sources and information are kept using Blockchain. Thus it means that is safe, transparent, and scalable.

How to migrate to Catappult

In order to save developers the extra effort of applying and integrating their apps and games into Catappult, we have created an automated migration tool called the APK Migrator.

So, to sum things up

You don’t need to wonder anymore how to make a mobile game succeed.

Catappult is a distribution console that gives developers what they need – freedom and power.

With Catappult, you can instantly distribute your apps and games to multiple stores. You integrate once for all stores, and your apps and games are everywhere globally. At the same time, our platform promotes your apps and games across the world.

Then you can monetize them with a system that immediately puts the money in your account. Catappult gives you a bigger piece of the pie, to begin with – up to 85% of the revenue is yours.

This is Catappult, the partner you were looking for.

Come find your global market here.

*Updated on December 29th, 2022.

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