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Evony and Magicraid: 9 months of revenue boost with Catappult

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The integration with Catappult has proven to be a game-changer for two major titles: Evony: The King’s Return and Infinite Magicraid. Over the course of nine months, since their integration with Catappult in January, both games have witnessed an astonishing surge in revenue on a global scale.

Strongly outperforming Google Play

One of the most striking revelations has been Catappult's exceptional Revenue Per Download (RPD) for these games. Evony: The King's Return, for instance, soared to an impressive $141.50 in September, showcasing a substantial increase compared to its RPD on Google Play. Similarly, Infinite Magicraid exhibited a remarkable RPD of $93.29 on Catappult, emphasizing the platform's pivotal role in driving revenue for these games.

The Catappult multiplier: 15x and 10x

These numbers far surpass the market average for mobile games' RPD, standing as a dramatic illustration of the significant revenue advantage that Catappult provides. For Evony: The King's Return, the Catappult multiplier now stands at 15x, while for Infinite Magicraid, it's an impressive 10x.

ARPPU growth strengthens Catappult's position

Moreover, the Average Revenue Per Paying User (ARPPU) on Catappult for Evony: The King's Return hit an astounding $1,315.86 in September. Simultaneously, Infinite Magicraid experienced a robust ARPPU of $905.42 on the platform. These substantial increases in ARPPU, especially when coming on top of the revenue on Google Play, solidify Catappult's position as an immensely lucrative platform for mobile game developers.

The nine-month journey of Evony: The King’s Return and Infinite Magicraid with Catappult stands as proof of the platform's capability to significantly boost revenue streams for mobile games. The numbers showcase how Catappult has become a driving force behind the success and financial growth of mobile developers and publishers.

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