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Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice debuts with great revenue results on Catappult

saint seya with great results on catappult

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice, the first Saint Seiya idle RPG game, marked its first anniversary with stellar results on Catappult, Aptoide's leading game distribution and monetization platform. Since joining forces with Catappult, Wanda Cinemas' game has experienced a rapid revenue surge, leaving Google Play in the dust.

Results outperform Google Play by over 50%

since integrating with Catappult

In July 2023, Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice's monthly revenue on Catappult rocketed 50% higher than its Google Play earnings. What's more, the number of paying users for Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice more than doubled from July to August, Catappult, with the game boasting industry-leading ARPPU.

Game doubles paying users

and achieves industry-leading ARPPU

lords mobile on catappult 2

Catappult’s expertise pays off for Wanda Cinema’s game

Catappult's expertise in the mobile gaming market, deep knowledge of the Saint Seiya franchise and global marketing and user acquisition strategies have been instrumental in Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice's triumph.

Looking ahead, Catappult will continue investing in the game, collaborating closely with Wanda Cinemas to expand its global footprint and deliver the ultimate gaming experience to Saint Seiya fans worldwide.

lords mobile on catappult 3

Providing a unique portfolio of partners and services

Aptoide's unique strength lies in its strategic alliances, of which GamesHub, a highly curated environment for premium app discovery created in partnership with Digital Turbine, is another recent landmark. By 2023's close, GamesHub aims to be in 80 to 100 million US devices from carriers like Verizon, USCellular, Tracfone, Cricket and BLU US.

On top of this, and together with the company’s industry-best anti-fraud systems, the AppCoins Wallet integration offers developers a secure and transparent environment, enabling them to focus on creating the best games.

If you want more from the global games market than the usual distribution suspects can give you, Catappult is the partner for you.

Find out how to start growing your game’s business here: Catappult’s Easy Integrations.

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